Big Data Ignite is not just for seasoned data analysts.  It is also for students, people considering entering the field, and managers and decision makers who take action based on the work of others in their team.

If you are new to big data, or just new to Big Data Ignite, we invite you to attend Pat Bailey’s Thursday morning session entitled What’s the Big Idea?  Dr. Bailey is a professor of Information Systems at Calvin College and has had a wide variety of experience in software development, analysis, and leading software development teams.  Professor Bailey’s session will provide a quick introduction to the technologies behind Big Data with highlights of what will be covered at the conference.  We’ve scheduled it first thing Thursday morning so you can use it as a guide for the rest of the conference.

This only one of many sessions that we think will be of interest to folks who are new to the field.  Be sure to take a look at the full program so you can begin planning your time at Big Data Ignite!  In addition, there will be ample time to network with presenters, attendees, and vendors.