Increasingly big data is influencing biomedical research, the delivery of healthcare, and the assessment of our health (both as individuals and as groups). Data can have a significant impact on final outcomes for patients, as well as for the financial resources of hospitals and medical facilities.

In our ongoing effort to cover a broad range of use cases and real world application of data sciences, Big Data Ignite is excited to announce two confirmed speakers who work in this exciting area.

Dale E. Green, Health Policy & Management at University of Georgia

Dale E Green is currently associate professor of health policy and management and director of HealthCare Informatics at the University of Georgia College of Public Health, but he spent most of his career in the clinical practice of pulmonary and critical care medicine prior to transitioning to academia. Over his career he has seen that “tracking population health has shifted into something that takes this enormous amount of data that’s been captured from things like doctor’s visits and then uses it for public health purposes, like prediction of disease outbreaks.

He will be giving an invited address entitled Big Data in Healthcare – Opportunity and Peril. His presentation will give insights into clinical and research applications of health data analytics and cover known limitations and observed unintended consequences of big data projects.

Marie Mooney, Center for Human Disease Modeling at Duke University

Marie Mooney will be returning to Michigan where she obtained her BS in bioinformatics from Michigan Technological University and her PhD in Cell and Molecular Genetics from the Van Andel Research Institute Graduate School. Her current research in the Center for Human Disease Modeling at Duke University focuses on discovering the genetic architecture underpinning rare pediatric diseases and implementing automated drug discovery programs to offer better treatment options.

Her presentation, Taking the brakes off precision medicine, will discuss examples from her work on rare disease genetics and illustrate workflow challenges faced by her team at Duke. Says Dr Mooney: “While the challenges are real, our will is stronger. Thanks to a common commitment to improved health for every individual, the brakes are coming off precision medicine.”

Healthcare and Data Management at Big Data Ignite

The Big Data Ignite conference is a perfect opportunity to connect with these speakers, as well as other people within the data industry that are working in healthcare and health management.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing in data management in healthcare? What are you most looking forward to learning at this conference, either from these speakers or others?