Winston Hsiao

Millenial Enterprise Technology


Winston is one of the more recognized figures in enterprise information management (EIM) and has spoken at various conferences on EIM strategy and best practices, particularly in Master Data Management (MDM), Data Governance (DG), and Data Quality (DQ).  He is currently the CEO and Founder of Millennial Enterprise Technology, Inc. (MET), a company in stealth mode focused on the next generation of enterprise software.

Prior to MET, Winston was the Vice President of Global Professional Services at Strevus Inc. where he built and managed Strevus’s world-class professional services group.  In Winston’s 18 months at Strevus, he met and exceeded both revenue and bookings targets enroute to creating a world class global consulting team with consultants in North America, Europe (West and East) and Asia. Prior to Strevus, Winston worked at Informatica Corp. where he ran the Strategy, Innovation and Planning team for the MDM and DQ Business Unit.  Winston joined Informatica as part of its acquisition in Jan. 2010 of Siperian, an industry leading MDM company that he cofounded and served as one of its original architects.  At Informatica, Winston was entrusted with ensuring that MDM continues to thrive in the next ten years. Winston also led a team that he created, grew and incubated to architect and to develop substantive vertical solutions for strategic industries.  These applications incorporated a variety of Informatica products, other enterprise products and original code.  Both product management and development reported to Winston.  In addition to his day job, Winston was still involved with some key accounts and was the Executive Sponsor to some of Informatics’ marquis customers.

Over the years, Winston has helped dozens of Global 1000 companies strategize and architect various EIM solutions that have encompassed both business and technology.  From the business side, he has helped his clients develop their over-arching EIM vision and strategy, elicit and prioritize their critical requirements, develop and execute upon their data governance plan, as well as implement business processes and SOPs to meet their needs. From the technology side, Winston has helped his clients define their overall technical architecture and the infrastructure required to address their business goals. These areas include data architecture, performance scaling, cloud computing, analytics, enterprise-wide SOA and the evaluation and selection of various on-premise and SaaS products.  Winston has worked closely with Engineering & Product Management of different software vendors to develop and drive product improvements and enhancements for the benefit of his Customers.  Winston has enjoyed the reputation earned from an established track record leading, designing, managing and implementing large-scale EIM solutions.

Winston Hsiao's Sessions at Big Data Ignite 2018