Tim Brom


Senior Security Researcher

Tim Brom is a senior security researcher at GRIMM, specializing in automotive vulnerability research.  He has over 9 years’ experience as a specialized software developer, with a particular focus on the automotive and safety industries, as well as background in other diverse sectors including  critical aerospace, and industrial control systems.  He has contributed extensively to GRIMM’s open source “CanCat” and “CANT” CAN bus reverse engineering tools, and has completed CAN bus analysis of multiple ECUs.  Tim was a lead engineer on “3PO,” GRIMM’s mobile auto-hacking demonstration for industry events and conferences demonstrating how easy it is to hack a car.  3PO consists of most of the major subsystems resident on a representative automobile, much like those in garages all across America.  3PO is intended to both demonstrate how ECUs are interconnected over the CAN bus, and to provide an accessible platform for security analysis of the interconnected ECUs.  Tim has also had publications about car hacking tools and techniques, like the recent Macchina M2.

Tim Brom's Sessions at Big Data Ignite 2018