Sam Chen

Samuel Chen

Millenial Enterprise Technology

Chief Scientist

Samuel Chen is a data scientist, quant, product manager, entrepreneur (and an awesome French pastry chef).

Samuel is currently the Chief Scientist at Millennial Enterprise Technology, Inc. (MET). Prior to MET, Samuel was the Executive Vice President of Seymour Capital Management, LLC., where he ran both firm-wide risk and portfolio management teams. In that role, Samuel successfully launched a managed futures fund. During his time with Seymour Capital, Samuel led the development of statistical models and applied machine learning techniques to take advantage of market trends. Samuel was recognized as a leader in his field and was invited to speak at various conferences on machine learning and trading.

Immediately prior to Seymour Capital Management, Samuel was employed as a Product Manager for Wolfram Research, Inc. At Wolfram Research, Inc., Samuel’s responsibilities included the full life cycle development, release, and marketing of the Wolfram Finance Platform. The features of this platform were designed to address the quantitative needs of hedge funds, research groups within investment banks, and brokerage firms. His work included machine learning, high level statistical analysis, applications of chaos theory, financial time series, Monte Carlo simulations, derivative & bond pricing, graphs and networks, frequency-domain analysis, portfolio optimization applications, and application of nontraditional mathematical methods to commodity and alternative investment markets. Prior to Wolfram Research, he was a Process Engineer for Applied Materials, Inc. From July 1999 to July 2000, Samuel was associated with Arthur Anderson, LLP working in Global Corporate Finance.

Samuel holds degrees in physics and economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA, 1999) and has a Masters of Engineering degree in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University (2002).

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