Ryan Smith

Kellogg Company

I am a young professional with the Kellogg Company in Battle Creek, Michigan. I have been with Procurement for most of my career at Kellogg’s but I have also held roles in Supply Chain and Transportation. I am also a student working towards my MBA.
My expertise is in using existing technology and building new technology in order to improve business processes. I enjoy my work because my “customers” are my coworkers and I get to make their jobs easier. I also thoroughly enjoy learning new things – programming languages, lean processes, new tech, etc. – and applying them to problems that otherwise looked too difficult or even impossible to solve.
I am a proponent of BIG Data and the leveraging of technology to aggregate and consolidate BIG data in order to answer questions that might have seemed impossible.
I ask questions, I challenge processes, I innovate – all with the goals and priorities of my team, department and company in mind.
I value working for a company that values me.

Ryan Smith's Sessions at Big Data Ignite 2018