Newel Rice


Solutions Architect - Big Data and Analytics

Newel Rice brings 20 years of experience in Analytics, Data Pipeline architectures, Business Intelligence, Application Development and Data Warehousing, with a focus on scalable cross-industry/cross-functional Data Integration and ETL architecture, database management systems, Data Modeling spanning multiple domains, NoSQL solutions and DevOps. He has honed his technical strengths through extensive experience in education and state and local government services as well as in the retail, healthcare and numerous commercial arenas within the top Fortune 500 companies. From traditional relational database systems and on-premises solutions to cutting edge technologies in cloud computing, data virtualization, in-memory column oriented database systems and big data (Hadoop/Spark) solutions, Newel is adept at designing and building scalable solutions that meet the business needs. Newel is experienced in growing highly efficient and responsive global delivery teams that partner with the business by ensuring effective communication, collaboration and knowledge transfer. He believes in establishing a cohesive culture for the long term success of data management solutions delivering on business value.

Newel Rice's Sessions at Big Data Ignite 2018