Neil Carlson

Calvin College

Director, Center for Social Research

Meet : Neil Carlson

Big Data Ignite is an essential venue for technology professionals to discuss, define, and disseminate the vision and the technical platforms for a real, practical, human future that is neither a Jetsons utopia nor a Skynet apocalypse. AI may never write good poetry or paint great portraits, but it can free more of us to be true poets and artists in our respective fields.

Big ideas for a better world, patiently and concretely pursued. Community team builder, research designer, data scientist, project manager, and technical utility player. Ph.D. in political science (Duke 2004) and expert in social science, organizational behavior, statistical methods, and program evaluation. Experienced in broadly collaborative, community-oriented projects, budget and logistics, data system design, advanced statistical modeling, geographic analysis, data visualization, and graphic design of presentations and reports.


Neil Carlson's Sessions at Big Data Ignite 2018